This video introduces you to clawhammer banjo for open-G tuning (gDGBD). It describes the types of banjos that have been used with clawhammer and how to sit comfortably and hold the banjo. Instruction covers the basic downstroke, effective use of the thumb on the 5th string, and two major chords in the key of G.

David Brooks

Banjo Instructor

David Brooks has been playing guitar and banjo for 50 years. He first learned from the banjo player in “The Stephen Foster Story” in his hometown of Bardstown, KY. Five years later, David was the banjo player in that outdoor musical. For the past 15 years, he has played clawhammer banjo for the weekly contra dances in Louisville. He has taught banjo and guitar at Kentucky Music Week for the past 6 years and leads a monthly jam in Louisville. He has written occasionally for Banjo Newsletter, including interviews with Abigail Washburn, Evie Ladin and Bob Carlin. He has authored 11 Kindle ebooks of tablature for clawhammer banjo. He is active on the Banjo Hangout web site, writing tab for others and providing advice.