Welcome to Beginning D A D Mountain Dulcimer. This class is for the first time player. You will be learning about accessories and care for your dulcimer. You will also learn how to tune your dulcimer, how to strum, and how to play a few easy tunes!

Jackie Armstrong

Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

Thank you for participating in the Kentucky Music Institute and being a student in my class! The virtual class is a great option for many people and I am proud to be part of the program.

I’ve been playing the mountain dulcimer for 30 years and have presented many workshops in the past 14 years. I started out playing by ear and was fortunate enough to have taken workshops with some incredible teachers who have helped me develop and expand my musical knowledge to include basic notation, composition, basic music theory and the joy of creating tablature to share with others.

The following is a list of the books I have authored:

Mountain Dulcimer Beginnings – for the beginning to advance beginner student

Level Two – for the advanced beginning and novice player

Celtic Favorites – for the novice and intermediate player

Sacred Hymns and Harmonies – for the novice and intermediate player

Mountain Melodies – for the novice and intermediate player

1.5 Fret Playbook – for the novice and intermediate player

Traditional Christmas – for the novice and intermediate player

Contact Information:

I have a website with a store and a FREE TABLATURE page. You can send me an email or contact me through the website if you would like to receive an email when I post new tab.