Put some bounce into your fingerpicking by using an alternating bass picking pattern and then turn your picking into ragtime by playing the melody off-beat (syncopated). This is a challenging workshop for the right hand, but we'll take things step-by-step and keep things fairly simple for the left hand.

Sue Carpenter

Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

Sue Carpenter bought her first mountain dulcimer in 1981 and was immediately captivated by its simplicity and challenged by its fingerpicking possibilities. Her innovative fingerpicking style has won her many awards as early as 1984. In 2005 she became the National Mountain Dulcimer Champion after placing second in 2003. Since 1983, Sue has taught and performed at various dulcimer festivals and camps from Maine to California.

As a teacher, Sue is well known for her challenging, highly organized and intensive methods, nurturing patience, and energetic enthusiasm mixed with a healthy dose of fun. As an instrumentalist, she is best known for her expressive style and exceptional technical ability.

Born and raised in Quakertown, PA, Sue likes to think that her love for the mountain dulcimer was rooted in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country even before she knew about dulcimers or their German zither heritage. After years of playing piano and organ, Sue finally felt “at home” when she picked up a dulcimer for the first time, knowing that this was the instrument she had been unconsciously searching for all her life.

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