Bill Robinson teaches the "St. Charles Dulcimer Blues".

Bill Robinson

Hammered Dulcimer

I was born and raised around music all of my life. My grandpa was a minister in a little country church in West Central Illinois where my grandma and grandpa’s sisters played in church. My grandma taught my dad to play the dulcimer and my dad taught me. All my siblings played other stringed instruments, and I was fortunate being the youngest of five kids for them to teach me their instruments.

Over the years, I have played with many professional and not so professional musicians, but good people. I was like a sponge. I couldn’t get enough.  

I’ve won numerous awards at performing, building hammered dulcimers, and teaching the hammered dulcimer.

I started composing music in the 1960’s, and my first tune that I wrote was for my dad, “59 String Stomp.” Since the Covid, I’m working on #42.

Thanks to my wife, Ann, who has supported me and my music, our daughter, Monica, family and numerous friends make me who I am. I’m forever grateful to have you carry on my heritage.  

Thank you everyone and enjoy.

Bill Robinson