Students will get an introduction to the hammered dulcimer, including the treble and bass bridges, the all important marks, and how to hold and strike with the hammers. We will locate some scales on both bridges and play all over the dulcimer. We will hit every note! Finally, we will talk about hand dominance and how to use both hands equally.

Course Contents

Martha Richard

Hammered Dulcimer Instructor

Many years ago when Martha was working at a local festival doing a weaving demonstration she heard a group of fellows playing the hammered dulcimer nearby. They were so talented—could she learn to do this? No musical skills! Later that winter there was an ad in the local newspaper describing an upcoming dulcimer weekend. There would be classes for beginners. She signed up and began a life-long love of playing music. Martha is now known for enthusiastically playing a variety of musical genres from toe tapping fiddle tunes to lovely waltzes. She loves to share the joy of learning to play with brand new players. The hammered dulcimer is a great instrument for adults. The student does not particularly need to read music but will eventually. Martha has taught at local dulcimer events in the Midwest including Kentucky Music Week, the Heartland Dulcimer Festival, the Ohio Valley Gathering, and the Evart Funfest. Students enjoy her casual and encouraging style. So many songs yet to play.